Manufactured in Sweden, Re-board® is a patented rigid paperboard with a unique engineered fluted core. It is incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally strong.


The unique core enables a Re-board® sheet to be rapidly cut into any conceivable shape. Re-board® can be digitally printed or finished with decorative laminates to achieve stunning results.


We have a global network of Re-board® Partners that are willing and able to turn your ideas into Re-board® realities. Each Re-board® Partner is fully approved and trained by us.


Re-board® Technology AB is a privately held company based in Norrköping, Sweden. The company holds patented technology for producing a rigid paperboard with a uniquely engineered fluted core.

Industries where RE-BOARD is being used

Point of sale | Events Exibition | Signage | Walls | Displays Shop | fitting | Ceilings | Windows Displays | construction