Puma x Olympique de Marseille

When global sportswear manufacturer Puma secured the jersey sponsorship for top football club Olympique de Marseille, they knew they would need a launch with a big visual impact. Puma had been building anticipation for their new partnership with some epic trailers featuring, among others, the legendary Diego Maradona. The event where the new jerseys were presented to the world had to meet those expectations.

Puma-OM trailer

Our French print partner, GRAPHIK, saw Re-board® as the material of choice for the range of displays required for this glamorous event. They told us: “We have a long-standing relationship with the agency employed by Puma. They give us a lot of freedom in the choice of materials – as long as the end product is flawless, and it fits their budget! For GRAPHIK, this means that we often use Re-board®. We have been a Re-board Technology® partner for years, and we’ve had a great experience using their products.”

Versatility was a key selling point. Re-board® can be easily assembled and disassembled, which is perfect for a one-day event. And after it has served its purpose, Re-board® can be recycled as paper. GRAPHIK told us: “As we have already realised many stands, pop-up stores and POS displays for the agency, they were very familiar with the strength and capabilities of Re-board®.” With the client on board, the next challenge was to deliver a standard of execution to match the design of the brand-new jerseys.

A Re-board® display wall holding 128 footballs

Quality and Ease of Execution

The venue of the launch was a beautiful historic mansion on the French Riviera. The theme of the new PUMA x OM collection is the sea, so the mansion with its stunning views of the Mediterranean was a natural choice. White and blue are the traditional OM club colours, which are featured on the new jerseys. These elements were all brought together in the design of the Re-board® installation supplied by GRAPHIK.

As they told us: “For this project, we were required to create partitions which could serve as decorations. Several objects needed to be dressed – this included furniture, an aquarium and even naval artillery! We also had to make displays to measure. The direct printing and the endless ways of shaping Re-board® offer flexibility which is perfect for this type of project. Other advantages are how light and yet rigid it is, the possibility to transport displays as a flat-pack, and the ease of setting up at the site.”

This Re-board® structure, an “M” for Marseille, resembles both a wave and a pulse

To the people of Marseille, the colour blue represents the Mediterranean, which has been the lifeblood of the historic city. This colour was featured extensively in the Re-board® displays, which were designed to perfectly complement the garments they displayed. Because you can print directly onto Re-board®, GRAPHIK was able to deliver a top-quality finish.

Lounge area made entirely out of Re-board® (except the cushions!)

The event’s showrooms were furnished entirely with Re-board®. That includes the displays for the jerseys, as well as the shelves and the base of the fully functional seats. The cool colours of the backdrop brought out the iconic design of the OM jerseys. This created the perfect atmosphere for the representatives from Puma and the OM team to mingle with their guests. This meant that GRAPHIK earned very positive feedback from all the stakeholders in the launch party.

An inside glance at the presentation

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