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Glamorous Influencer Showcase for Sephora

Next Printing chooses Re-board® to display new products from global beauty retailer Sephora to a select audience.

Premium beauty retailer Sephora joined with over 30 award-winning cosmetic brands to hold an exclusive media and influencer-only event.

Invite-only attendees were able to preview exciting upcoming products. The challenge was to produce creative designs and manage the installation of over 30 branded booths on a tight deadline. As Sephora needed to display 37 unique international brands that operate on different continents, the process of managing the design briefs naturally took longer than usual. This left a shorter production time.

The design process was intensely collaborative. Event management studio The Make Haus provided Re-board® Partner Next Printing with a framework of the style guide, reference images and the purpose of the displays.

For more than 5 years, Next Printing has had an internal industrial designer working with Reboard®. Therefore, they could offer an extremely effective and efficient solution. This designer came up with 3D renderings and solutions to bring the ideas to life. This allowed them to build stands to the brands’ unique requirements.

As Re-board® is lightweight, Next Printing were able to construct and clear up the stands in record time, saving time and money.

The client was thrilled with the result and the option to reuse assets at future events.

  • 37 different stands and booths
  • Set up by 6 people in under 8 hours
  • Taken down by 4 people in under 4 hours
  • 70% of assets reused for the next event
  • 30% recycled as paper

Next Printing was able to pull off this event within a tight turnaround time of less than 3 weeks. Both Sephora and The Make Haus were extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks to our printer partner’s creative use of Re-board®, Sephora was able to host their premium event within the required timeframe and budget.

More than 100 guests interacted with the impressive displays at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal, resulting in incredible media coverage. The project successfully challenged the traditional methods of building with MDF and timber, demonstrating what can be achieved with innovative, sustainable materials.

Other Case Studies

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Sustainable Retail Window Design for Vivienne Westwood

Brand production partner Raccoon produce award-winning design for Vivienne Westwood

Leading global fashion label Vivienne Westwood decided to bring its sustainable practices to its store installations for its Spring Season.With a history of green activism, the Vivienne Westwood brand is known for combining the latest in sustainable materials with innovative design. The logical next step was to apply this ethos to their retail design.

Working with Re-board® meant that Raccoon were perfectly placed to deliver a unified, on-brand installation across all the stores. Re-board® was used for the 3D structural display elements (plinths, props, curved walls, back walls and wall structures.)
The walls and floors were also transformed using Re-board®.

The completed installations looked stunning. They perfectly embodied the brand’s cutting-edge identity. The client praised the initiative and expertise involved in ensuring all materials were eco-friendly, without compromising on aesthetics or finish. It was also appreciated that at the end of the campaign, all materials could be reused or recycled.

Completing the project’s success, the campaign won the Bronze POPAI award for sustainability.

A more detailed version of this case study is available for Re-board® Certified Partners upon request.

Other Case Studies

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Re-board supports BRIS 2018

This year’s BRIS Idols: Nellie Berntsson, influencer och equestrian. Ludwig Kronstrand, singer in Hov1. Hamza Bougamza, pro fighter. Kosovare Asllani, footballer. Mahmoud Bitar, influencer. Irene Ekelund, athlete.

BRIS is a Swedish organisation set up to serve and protect the rights of children. One of the BRIS’ main initiatives is its annual idol campaign, which sees the organisation partner with a number of celebrities and influencers in order to extend its reach nationwide. The celebrities or ‘idols’ share their own personal stories about difficulties they experienced growing up with the aim of teaching children that even the most successful celebrities have at some point felt small or insignificant. Every year, over 100,000 idol cards are sent out to sixth grade students across Sweden over the course of several weeks. Over 2 million cards have been sent out across the campaign’s 20-year history.

After the success of their 2017 collaboration with BRIS on the idol campaign, Re-board® were asked to return once again this year to contribute to the main idol display in downtown Stockholm. This consisted of live-size displays of the idol cards which had been sent out to children.

How did Re-board come to be involved originally?

Re-board® were originally contacted by another BRIS sponsor, Canon, in 2017. Canon felt that the intimate, caring and quintessentially Swedish qualities of Re-board® made them the perfect fit to sponsor BRIS on their idol campaign. Re-board® frequently receive a large number of requests to collaborate with charities and organisations. However, what set BRIS apart from other groups was the way in which it fit with the Re-board® brand. With the project taking place in the form of a pop-up exhibition requiring simple transportation and setup, Re-board® were perfectly suited to help design and create the exhibit.

Anna Vorne, a communicator/editor for BRIS said: “We were looking for a new and eye-catching way of displaying our idol-campaign in the form of an exhibition. One of our major sponsors advised us to get in touch with Re-board®. The results have been amazing and the expo has been widely appreciated by those who come to visit it.”

After successfully collaborating with BRIS in 2017, Re-board® were once again asked to assist with the project this year.

From the 2017 campaign: Miriam Bryant, singer, IDOL card.

Quality & Ease of Execution

Combining the appearance of paper or card with the sturdiness of a stronger material, Re-board® was the ideal choice for a public display. The material could be used to accurately replicate the cards sent out to children only on a bigger scale, with enough durability to withstand the weather conditions of Stockholm in the autumn.

Re-board® worked with POD Stockholm to produce the prints for the exhibition. POD Project Manager Niklas Hultberg told us: “POD shares BRIS’ goal of improving children’s welfare, and we were grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their work in improving the everyday life of children.

“Supplying the BRIS campaign with Re-board® was an easy decision for us. The versatility of the material and ease of production and supply made it the perfect choice of material to use.” 

Anna Vorne was equally as enthusiastic about Re-board’s contribution to the 2018 exhibit. “Seeing our idol cards in a life-size format was a very cool experience for the children and young adults visiting the expo. The Re-board® material was perfect for the large cards and proved to be a very Instagram-friendly environment, with countless visitors posing next to the idols.”

BRIS also praised the physical qualities of Re-board. “As organisers, we also appreciated how light the material was to carry and assemble.”

Other Case Studies

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Re-board® goes Formula Racing

Re-Board® has earned a sterling reputation as a versatile and re-usable material for use at exhibitions and installations, capable of setting the right tone for any event. However, Clear River Racing presented an opportunity to put the durability of Re-Board® to the test – by using it to build crumple zones, known as impact attenuators, for the last 3 years.

We use Re-Board as it is a light-weight and a more environmentally friendly material than our other options.”

Formula Student

Formula Student is an event which sees teams from universities around the world attempt to design and put together one-seat formula cars from scratch and race against one another.

Clear River Racing is a Formula Student team put together by students at Karlstad University. The team is split into seven areas:

  • Chassis and body
  • Wheels, suspension and manoeuvring
  • Engine and drivetrain
  • Aerodynamics
  • Electronics
  • Finance and marketing

The overall aim of the project is to combine both theory and practice in an extra-curricular activity open to students from all academic fields.

Clear River Racing’s 2017/18 project saw the team take part in two races: Formula Student Germany and Formula Student Italy.

Re-Board® came to be involved in the project as the Clear River Racing technical team were looking for a material to use which was high in energy absorption and low in weight. These are important traits for impact attenuators to have, as they must be able to absorb the impact of a collision while still being light weight in order to increase performance on the racetrack.

”When we use a custom made impact attenuator, we must provide proof that it meets the required energy absorption levels specified by the rules of the competition. In order to do this, we must simulate a crash of the impact attenuator. We do this by mounting the Re-Board on a heavy sledge which moves downslope along a track and into a block of cement, all while filming the event with a super slow-motion camera. With the information in the video we can calculate the actual energy absorption of the Re-Board.”

Quality & Ease of Execution

The makeup of Re-Board® made it a perfect choice for constructing impact attenuators. While the material is light and easy to assemble, it also has a springy and shock-absorbent quality. If a crash should occur, the Re-Board® impact attenuators increase the time of the crash. This means that the force of the impact works over a longer time, which minimizes the risk of the driver getting hurt.

By using Re-Board®, Clear River Racing were able to construct and test their vehicle to a high enough standard that it passed the required inspection, sound and tilt tests in order to get on the track at both events. Re-Board® help the team perform at its best, thanks to Re-Board’s® light-weight composition, showcasing the product’s great material properties.

Clear River Racing have expressed their happiness with the quality of the product and service they received, with Re-Board® meeting all the technical specifications required of them. The team have already made contact with Re-Board® about collaborating once again on the 2019 project, perhaps the best possible indication of their satisfaction with the service.

Other Case Studies

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Swedish Fashion Now

Re-Board® panelling sets the scene for this display of contemporary Swedish fashion.

A successful fashion exhibition is about more than simply displaying clothes. For the public to appreciate your work, you must first create the right atmosphere: sleek, elegant and modern. For the Swedish Fashion Council, this made Re-Board® the obvious choice of material for their ‘Swedish Fashion Now’  installation.

Creating this quintessentially modern feel was crucial for Swedish Fashion Now, as it took place at the Institut Suédois, a 16th-century building in Paris. Beautiful though the building is, it was essential that its classical design was juxtaposed with something fresh and more contemporary. This would give viewers of the exhibition a sense of leaving the real world behind and entering into something new. Though Re-Board® is renowned for its versatility, it was its simplicity and minimalism that made it so ideal for this function.

Re-Board® created a quintessentially Swedish design for the exhibition with its minimalist aesthetic.

The event was organised with the primary intention of positioning Swedish fashion on the international stage, thus attracting potential buyers. Additionally, a successful show would allow for the building of bridges and the strengthening of previously established connections within the fashion world.

With its great usability, environmental sustainability and timeless design, Re-Board® provided the perfect foil to the classic, vintage-style designs of the exhibition. Jennie Rosén, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council, said: “Atmosphere and storytelling are at the heart of our events. Re-board® enables us to create the worlds that our event requires. Its versatile application, the fast and easy installation and sustainable aspects make Re-board® a great choice for our temporary public presentations.”

Re-Board® being used to create an open, airy layout for the exhibition.

As with any fashion display, it was pivotal to create a set for Swedish Fashion Now that would not risk overpowering or detracting from the clothing itself. Re-Board® met the criteria perfectly, quietly setting the tone for the event to create what the Swedish Fashion Council described to us as a ‘modern, sleek atmosphere within the classic, ornate surroundings.’

Quality and Ease of Execution

The Re-Board® panels were at the company’s warehouse before they were shipped flat-packed to the event. As the boards were cut before shipping, setting them up at the exhibition was a straightforward process. After the event, the Re-Board® panels were repurposed for use as packing material – a testament to the product’s sustainability. The client commented that one of the incentives for working with Re-Board® was the fact that the company fits with the Swedish industry image of equality and sustainability.

Swedish Fashion Now was attended by around 400 people, with the event geared primarily towards journalists and potential buyers. Among the magazines represented at the exhibition were Vogue, NUMERO and Fashion Network. Jennie Rosén told us that they received ‘a lot of positive reaction and questions regarding the Re-Board® walls in the show room’, suggesting that the product played its part in the exhibition with great success.

Other Case Studies

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Athletic wear presentation area with Re-board® partition and bases

Puma x Olympique de Marseille

When global sportswear manufacturer Puma secured the jersey sponsorship for top football club Olympique de Marseille, they knew they would need a launch with a big visual impact. Puma had been building anticipation for their new partnership with some epic trailers featuring, among others, the legendary Diego Maradona. The event where the new jerseys were presented to the world had to meet those expectations.

Puma-OM trailer

Our French print partner, GRAPHIK, saw Re-board® as the material of choice for the range of displays required for this glamorous event. They told us: “We have a long-standing relationship with the agency employed by Puma. They give us a lot of freedom in the choice of materials – as long as the end product is flawless, and it fits their budget! For GRAPHIK, this means that we often use Re-board®. We have been a Re-board Technology® partner for years, and we’ve had a great experience using their products.”

Versatility was a key selling point. Re-board® can be easily assembled and disassembled, which is perfect for a one-day event. And after it has served its purpose, Re-board® can be recycled as paper. GRAPHIK told us: “As we have already realised many stands, pop-up stores and POS displays for the agency, they were very familiar with the strength and capabilities of Re-board®.” With the client on board, the next challenge was to deliver a standard of execution to match the design of the brand-new jerseys.

A Re-board® display wall holding 128 footballs

Quality and Ease of Execution

The venue of the launch was a beautiful historic mansion on the French Riviera. The theme of the new PUMA x OM collection is the sea, so the mansion with its stunning views of the Mediterranean was a natural choice. White and blue are the traditional OM club colours, which are featured on the new jerseys. These elements were all brought together in the design of the Re-board® installation supplied by GRAPHIK.

As they told us: “For this project, we were required to create partitions which could serve as decorations. Several objects needed to be dressed – this included furniture, an aquarium and even naval artillery! We also had to make displays to measure. The direct printing and the endless ways of shaping Re-board® offer flexibility which is perfect for this type of project. Other advantages are how light and yet rigid it is, the possibility to transport displays as a flat-pack, and the ease of setting up at the site.”

This Re-board® structure, an “M” for Marseille, resembles both a wave and a pulse

To the people of Marseille, the colour blue represents the Mediterranean, which has been the lifeblood of the historic city. This colour was featured extensively in the Re-board® displays, which were designed to perfectly complement the garments they displayed. Because you can print directly onto Re-board®, GRAPHIK was able to deliver a top-quality finish.

Lounge area made entirely out of Re-board® (except the cushions!)

The event’s showrooms were furnished entirely with Re-board®. That includes the displays for the jerseys, as well as the shelves and the base of the fully functional seats. The cool colours of the backdrop brought out the iconic design of the OM jerseys. This created the perfect atmosphere for the representatives from Puma and the OM team to mingle with their guests. This meant that GRAPHIK earned very positive feedback from all the stakeholders in the launch party.

An inside glance at the presentation

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