Re-Board® has earned a sterling reputation as a versatile and re-usable material for use at exhibitions and installations, capable of setting the right tone for any event. However, Clear River Racing presented an opportunity to put the durability of Re-Board® to the test – by using it to build crumple zones, known as impact attenuators, for the last 3 years.

We use Re-Board as it is a light-weight and a more environmentally friendly material than our other options.”

Formula Student

Formula Student is an event which sees teams from universities around the world attempt to design and put together one-seat formula cars from scratch and race against one another.

Clear River Racing is a Formula Student team put together by students at Karlstad University. The team is split into seven areas:

  • Chassis and body
  • Wheels, suspension and manoeuvring
  • Engine and drivetrain
  • Aerodynamics
  • Electronics
  • Finance and marketing

The overall aim of the project is to combine both theory and practice in an extra-curricular activity open to students from all academic fields.

Clear River Racing’s 2017/18 project saw the team take part in two races: Formula Student Germany and Formula Student Italy.

Re-Board® came to be involved in the project as the Clear River Racing technical team were looking for a material to use which was high in energy absorption and low in weight. These are important traits for impact attenuators to have, as they must be able to absorb the impact of a collision while still being light weight in order to increase performance on the racetrack.

”When we use a custom made impact attenuator, we must provide proof that it meets the required energy absorption levels specified by the rules of the competition. In order to do this, we must simulate a crash of the impact attenuator. We do this by mounting the Re-Board on a heavy sledge which moves downslope along a track and into a block of cement, all while filming the event with a super slow-motion camera. With the information in the video we can calculate the actual energy absorption of the Re-Board.”

Quality & Ease of Execution

The makeup of Re-Board® made it a perfect choice for constructing impact attenuators. While the material is light and easy to assemble, it also has a springy and shock-absorbent quality. If a crash should occur, the Re-Board® impact attenuators increase the time of the crash. This means that the force of the impact works over a longer time, which minimizes the risk of the driver getting hurt.

By using Re-Board®, Clear River Racing were able to construct and test their vehicle to a high enough standard that it passed the required inspection, sound and tilt tests in order to get on the track at both events. Re-Board® help the team perform at its best, thanks to Re-Board’s® light-weight composition, showcasing the product’s great material properties.

Clear River Racing have expressed their happiness with the quality of the product and service they received, with Re-Board® meeting all the technical specifications required of them. The team have already made contact with Re-Board® about collaborating once again on the 2019 project, perhaps the best possible indication of their satisfaction with the service.

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