This year’s BRIS Idols: Nellie Berntsson, influencer och equestrian. Ludwig Kronstrand, singer in Hov1. Hamza Bougamza, pro fighter. Kosovare Asllani, footballer. Mahmoud Bitar, influencer. Irene Ekelund, athlete.

BRIS is a Swedish organisation set up to serve and protect the rights of children. One of the BRIS’ main initiatives is its annual idol campaign, which sees the organisation partner with a number of celebrities and influencers in order to extend its reach nationwide. The celebrities or ‘idols’ share their own personal stories about difficulties they experienced growing up with the aim of teaching children that even the most successful celebrities have at some point felt small or insignificant. Every year, over 100,000 idol cards are sent out to sixth grade students across Sweden over the course of several weeks. Over 2 million cards have been sent out across the campaign’s 20-year history.

After the success of their 2017 collaboration with BRIS on the idol campaign, Re-board® were asked to return once again this year to contribute to the main idol display in downtown Stockholm. This consisted of live-size displays of the idol cards which had been sent out to children.

How did Re-board come to be involved originally?

Re-board® were originally contacted by another BRIS sponsor, Canon, in 2017. Canon felt that the intimate, caring and quintessentially Swedish qualities of Re-board® made them the perfect fit to sponsor BRIS on their idol campaign. Re-board® frequently receive a large number of requests to collaborate with charities and organisations. However, what set BRIS apart from other groups was the way in which it fit with the Re-board® brand. With the project taking place in the form of a pop-up exhibition requiring simple transportation and setup, Re-board® were perfectly suited to help design and create the exhibit.

Anna Vorne, a communicator/editor for BRIS said: “We were looking for a new and eye-catching way of displaying our idol-campaign in the form of an exhibition. One of our major sponsors advised us to get in touch with Re-board®. The results have been amazing and the expo has been widely appreciated by those who come to visit it.”

After successfully collaborating with BRIS in 2017, Re-board® were once again asked to assist with the project this year.

From the 2017 campaign: Miriam Bryant, singer, IDOL card.

Quality & Ease of Execution

Combining the appearance of paper or card with the sturdiness of a stronger material, Re-board® was the ideal choice for a public display. The material could be used to accurately replicate the cards sent out to children only on a bigger scale, with enough durability to withstand the weather conditions of Stockholm in the autumn.

Re-board® worked with POD Stockholm to produce the prints for the exhibition. POD Project Manager Niklas Hultberg told us: “POD shares BRIS’ goal of improving children’s welfare, and we were grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their work in improving the everyday life of children.

“Supplying the BRIS campaign with Re-board® was an easy decision for us. The versatility of the material and ease of production and supply made it the perfect choice of material to use.” 

Anna Vorne was equally as enthusiastic about Re-board’s contribution to the 2018 exhibit. “Seeing our idol cards in a life-size format was a very cool experience for the children and young adults visiting the expo. The Re-board® material was perfect for the large cards and proved to be a very Instagram-friendly environment, with countless visitors posing next to the idols.”

BRIS also praised the physical qualities of Re-board. “As organisers, we also appreciated how light the material was to carry and assemble.”

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