Re-Board® panelling sets the scene for this display of contemporary Swedish fashion.

A successful fashion exhibition is about more than simply displaying clothes. For the public to appreciate your work, you must first create the right atmosphere: sleek, elegant and modern. For the Swedish Fashion Council, this made Re-Board® the obvious choice of material for their ‘Swedish Fashion Now’  installation.

Creating this quintessentially modern feel was crucial for Swedish Fashion Now, as it took place at the Institut Suédois, a 16th-century building in Paris. Beautiful though the building is, it was essential that its classical design was juxtaposed with something fresh and more contemporary. This would give viewers of the exhibition a sense of leaving the real world behind and entering into something new. Though Re-Board® is renowned for its versatility, it was its simplicity and minimalism that made it so ideal for this function.

Re-Board® created a quintessentially Swedish design for the exhibition with its minimalist aesthetic.

The event was organised with the primary intention of positioning Swedish fashion on the international stage, thus attracting potential buyers. Additionally, a successful show would allow for the building of bridges and the strengthening of previously established connections within the fashion world.

With its great usability, environmental sustainability and timeless design, Re-Board® provided the perfect foil to the classic, vintage-style designs of the exhibition. Jennie Rosén, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council, said: “Atmosphere and storytelling are at the heart of our events. Re-board® enables us to create the worlds that our event requires. Its versatile application, the fast and easy installation and sustainable aspects make Re-board® a great choice for our temporary public presentations.”

Re-Board® being used to create an open, airy layout for the exhibition.

As with any fashion display, it was pivotal to create a set for Swedish Fashion Now that would not risk overpowering or detracting from the clothing itself. Re-Board® met the criteria perfectly, quietly setting the tone for the event to create what the Swedish Fashion Council described to us as a ‘modern, sleek atmosphere within the classic, ornate surroundings.’

Quality and Ease of Execution

The Re-Board® panels were at the company’s warehouse before they were shipped flat-packed to the event. As the boards were cut before shipping, setting them up at the exhibition was a straightforward process. After the event, the Re-Board® panels were repurposed for use as packing material – a testament to the product’s sustainability. The client commented that one of the incentives for working with Re-Board® was the fact that the company fits with the Swedish industry image of equality and sustainability.

Swedish Fashion Now was attended by around 400 people, with the event geared primarily towards journalists and potential buyers. Among the magazines represented at the exhibition were Vogue, NUMERO and Fashion Network. Jennie Rosén told us that they received ‘a lot of positive reaction and questions regarding the Re-Board® walls in the show room’, suggesting that the product played its part in the exhibition with great success.

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