The Invention of Re-board®

Our patented paperboard was engineered in the 1990s by award-winning Swedish inventor Karl-Gustav Ericsson. Re-board® Technology is proud to continue to develop and produce the original rigid engineered paperboard.

The inventor of Re-board Karl Gustav Eriksson (right) together with Re-board’s Andreas Hörnfeldt.


Karl-Gustav Ericsson, an unassuming gentleman and prolific innovator, was the inventor of Re-board®. In the mid-1990s, he came to the realisation that a paper-based rigid board would create new opportunities across a range of industries. There was a big gap in the market for print and graphics. A paper-based alternative would eliminate much of the need for plastic boards. Karl-Gustav experimented with an array of paper qualities, liners and fluting until he came to a fully recyclable, high-quality paper-based board.

His main driving force was his concern for the environment. Karl-Gustav was far ahead of his time, anticipating the crisis we face today. He saw that we could not continue carelessly consuming raw materials without seriously disrupting the balance of our planet. His unique design ensured that the paperboard product would perform exceptionally well in a wide range of applications. It was the first of its kind that was not based on the common honeycomb structure. This was the original Re-board®. The product received wide acclaim.


In 2003, his invention earned Karl-Gustav a CREATE prize from the Swedish Government’s Department for Innovation. The proud inventor of Re-board® was featured extensively in newspapers and trade magazines that praised his brilliance and the wide applications of his invention.

The 2003 edition of the Swedish magazine ‘Uppfinnaren’ (The Inventor) praised his invention: “What we have is a new board material entirely from paper that is lightweight and strong. The uses are many and probably unprecedented. Interest in the board is enormous. Among the various applications, many will be for use inside stores.”


The original Re-board®, as invented by Karl-Gustaf, is produced and sold exclusively by Re-board Technology®. As a Swedish, innovative, sustainable company, we are proud to continue in his footsteps. In his legacy, the Re-board Technology® company contributes to a cleaner environment. We exclusively manufacture Re-board® in Sweden, using Karl-Gustaf’s patented technology. From the first spark of the idea in the 1990s, through to being the pioneers on the market in 2005, to the exciting range of products we provide today, Re-board® Technology is proud to continue to develop and commercialise the original rigid engineered paperboard.